07 October 2007

There is just so much beauty in the world...

...and we can thank people like Eva from "A Lil Sumptin, Sumptin" for creating and sharing some of the beauty!

"Passion" - $125

Have you ever dreamt of a turquoise garden?
Have you ever looked at a piece of jewelry and thought to yourself "wow, this is absolutely remarkable!"?

If not, you are certainly about too! A Lil Sumptin Sumptin specializes in handcrafted one of a kind jewelry and it is all breathtaking. Eva has been a fashion designer, an illustrator and a calligrapher but for the last three years a jeweler, creating whimsical pieces of all kinds, necklaces that make you go ooohhh and dog beads that will put a smile on your face... a little humor and a lot of beauty make it a pleasure to browse Eva's etsy shop.

"Turquoise Garden" - $350

Turquoise Garden is a phenomenal turquoise and Lampwork flower bracelet that would make anyone feel like a queen!

All of A Lil Sumptin Sumptin's beautiful creations are one of a kind and are properly kiln annealed by each respective glass artist to ensure long lasting durability.

Looking for whimsy and beauty? The GRRR Wild Thing 2 necklace is not only perfection, but all of (by all I mean 100%) of the proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States! How amazing is that?!

"The GRRR Wild Thing 2" - $70

So if you think that this is not enough reasons to stop by A Lil Sumptin Sumptin's etsy shop than well, you are missing out!

Stop on by to see some amazing jewelry, you will most certainly be adding a few hearts as soon as you start clicking!

Want to see another piece that I am so in love with...

"Ocean Treasure" - $99

Gorgeous, isn't it? The Ocean Treasure necklace is absolutely sublime, wouldn't you agree?


"Curtain Call" - $125, 100% of proceeds will be donated to HSUS

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