23 December 2007

It's a Lonely Christmas

This is the year that is breaking our families lifelong Christmas tradition and as it gets closer I find myself getting a little bit sad about this. I do not mind the none gifting part, that is actually quite nice seeing as though my wallet is empty and rent is due in just a week... oh rent... oh to top this all off, just two days ago we found out that we need to move out of our San Diego apartment in 60 days, which is really just awful since we just moved across the entire flipping country from Massachusetts and now we may be moving back because we just do not have the funds to move into a new rental.

So the family is split this Christmas some in California and the rest of us in Massachusetts... I have no money, no Christmas tree, no gifts and soon no home... i really hope this is not a view into 2008...

Happy Holidays to all, I really hope it is better than ours has been!

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