09 January 2008


So it is time to wipe the slate clean... start new and fresh!
time to sit back and plan out my 2008 goals. I am not so much into resolutions, but goals I can handle!
what will they be:
1) i would like to say travel to three new countries, but that is most likely not going to happen, but still, because i am a dreamer in they will go, heck, lets make it 5! I like to be adventurous!
2) buy a home - whoa big step, feeling like such an adult these days...
3) let earmark be the best it can be - reach for the stars this year!!!
4) not sure - i could say, be healthier, lose ten pounds, eat less cookies... but how can i give up on the cookie... it has always been there for me when times were tough, so the cookie stays, but maybe i will eat more vegan cookies - good compromise!
5) simply, make more money - this will be the toughest one of all, but it can and will be done - once i make more money, invest it!

OK, so that is it, my official goals for 2008!
what about you? do you have any goals, be it business or personal?

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