11 February 2008

so i was on the etsy forums the other day and there was this thread about weddings, and the first thing that comes to mind... obviously, i said invitations, but the whole thing spurred me to look into etsy weddings, i thought how cool if you could actually plan your entire wedding on etsy (well decor, clothing, gifts and what ever else you could find).

So i searched through etsy for all things wedding and found some amazing dresses and just have to share them, because these dresses are one of a kind beauties and if your budget allows, then support a fellow etsian!

For the next three days, I will be featuring a new designer, so stay tuned for some exquisite new creations!

Designer 1: STEPHANIE MADESH, Her Black Beauty Bustle Gown in either Black, White or Ivory is such an amazing gown... looks gorgeous in black and would be a beautiful bridesmaid dress or in white, i would have so bought this for my wedding, for $740, this dress is a wedding steal! i just love it! Here are a few others in her shop that are just as perfect!

Stop by and check out her etsy shop, there are truly many glorious designs!
Look outside the box for your wedding and see all the amazing wares etsy has to offer


Livy said...

What a pretty blog! This is an interesting post, sometimes I forget just how much Etsy has to offer. I love to try searching for random hard-to-find items at Etsy to see what comes up.

Hey Harriet said...

You have an awesome looking blog. I love the pics & the layout. All of it really! Looks so professional!

Jenrosesegrest said...

stunning dresses, and a great write up.


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