17 December 2008

It was Awesome!

The Bust Craftacular was a huge success and a blast to boot! Besides my splitting migraine headache and complete sickness for the first 4 hours everything totally rocked!

First of all, I have to thank my wonderful husband, Mike, for totally taking charge while i slept in the car and then again behind the booth! THANK YOU! Especially since this was Michael's Birthday and he had to work! I felt horrible, but he ran the show!

Now, about the show, it was a great time, TONS of people, TONS of amazing shops! The Traffic flow was steady and everything was awesome! Fantastic crowd, free beer, friendly buyers, very organized staff, great location and did i mention the free beer! To all that came by, thank you! To all that purchased one of our many items, we very much appreciate it and hope that it serves you well! I bought some great fun items that I will review at a later date too!

This show was a lot of work! We prepped for days, stayed up the entire night before the show and then driving 2.5 hours to attend, it took more perseverance than I was ready for but am so glad we did it and hope to get to be a part of it next year too!

We were really pleased with our display too! Thank you to all who offered your ideas and input, it was all a huge help! After much deliberation we opted with a peg board wall. Ultimately, for what we needed IT ROCKED! We bought two sheets, 2' x 4', ($14) and spray painted them grey ($6), we used natural wood from our old loft bed frame and it was just perfect! It took a couple of days of test runs to come up with the perfect set up that would look appealing and be structurally sound, but we did it! Everything turned out better than I could have excepted, especially for under $30!

The only piece to not survive the show was our beautiful new sign with wooden painted letters. Oh it was so perfect! I spent hours painting it a lovely orange and white on grey backing. Although we did not get to display it I have since fixed it up and will proudly show it off above my desk (and hope it does not fall off the wall and crush me).

All in all, the BUST CRAFTACULAR was fantastic and I would recommend it to all buyers in the New York area and all sellers on the east coast! Well worth the effort and devotion!

Thanks BUST!!

the new sign, isn't is lovely?

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