20 January 2009

I have { nothing }

Stop in and see Earmark's New Treasury today!

Featuring 12 great hits from these awesome artists:
Rae Gun | Tomato Can Studios, Emma | Shelby Nycole | Tomato Can Studios, Owen
Stevester | CB78 | Fabulous Pieces | Yaelfran | Tris Hank Design
Bean Town Handmade | Drika B | The Cellophanes

Plus 4 superb alternates: Oh the Pollybilities | Aracne Designs | Bubble Time | Krazy Fashion

Feel free to stop on in and comment on the lovely works of art inside!
It is a happy day for everyone!

Enjoy and thank you to all the awesome artisans! YOU ROCK!

1 comment:

marissa said...

I do love this treasury so so much! Thanks for including me. I think the color scheme has helped me figure out what I want to do with my website (I've been thinking about it for months) thanks.


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