13 February 2009

sparkflight :: Coffee Man Wire Sculpture

sparkflight :: Coffee Man Wire Sculpture

I truly love this amazing sculpture made from one continuous piece of galvanized metal starting at the toes up to the head. WOW!

This would be such an awesome piece sitting in my home in a cozy little reading nook!!

Do you own a shop? If so, wouldn't this just be the best piece - you can call him Fred, Herbert, Henry. Jack or anything you want... what is not to love! (via Sparkflight)


Anonymous said...

I would name him Archie!

Carol said...

Oh I love him! More than my husband even.

But he looks like he should be sitting on the john.

That's it! His name is John

Anonymous said...

What a LOT of work! I think I'd put him on the porch. He could hold my packages from the postman. lol!

earmark said...

oh soov, that is a great idea - he could greet all that came to my home... :)

carol - that is too funny! Sitting on the John, how awesome would that be - that would scare the "crap" out of so many people! HA!


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