11 February 2009

WeddingCabaret :: Custom Hand dyed Crinoline (petticoat)

WeddingCabaret :: Custom Hand dyed Crinoline (petticoat)

OK, it is confirmed I must re-do my wedding and I must get this lovely handmade find! Isn't it splendid?!

Imagine if I could have had an orange petticoat under my dress!!! Oh my, oh my! This is just wonderful!

If you are getting married you must check this out! What a way to let out the inner YOU! (via Wedding Cabaret)


Caroline D. said...

I want to get married again just so i can have one of these.

earmark said...

i know it! ME TOO! I am so disappointed with myself for not thinking of this! i wish I had an orange liner - oh the fun!! :)


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