03 April 2009

Lippi Selk Bag One - GREEN - Lippi Selk Bag

Lippi Selk Bag One - GREEN - Lippi Selk Bag

I am not sure I camp enough for one of these, but i think I might start... tell me this sleeping bag is not totally awesome. I could sleep, ski, snowboard and wear this all day and barely have to use the heat in my house. AMAZING and so cute to boot :) Also referred to as a "Gangsta Snuggie" Prices start at $169, which I actually found to be pretty reasonable, considering how funky this sleeping bag is!

(via Lippi Selk Bag)

Also available on Amazon.com


Anonymous said...

Very cool indeed! For those living on this side of the pond, Amazon is a great place to find a Selk'bag:


cabin + cub said...

That is friggin awesome.... I wonder if it comes in different sizes. I am kind of short, so I probably would get lost in the lower half.

Caroline D. said...

LOL Gangsta snuggie, that's awesome...


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