02 April 2009

What's going on?

In the world of Earmark, we have been staying very busy filling orders, creating amazing wedding invitations, working with new and old clients, rebuilding our website, daydreaming about being somewhere exotic, fantasizing about owning a home... you know the usual...

In the world of Bridgette, I am a little over a week away to my big 3-0! I can hardly believe it myself, my bday falls on Easter this year, which normally I would not mind, but for some reason it is really bothering me this year. I guess it could be for selfish reasons, who knows, all I know is I really and truly wanted to be somewhere else for my birthday. Some place I have never been, a new and exciting adventure to start the milestone off with. I know this is not going to happen. My bank account has made that choice for me... so I need to put on my "happy hat" and move forward, be the adult that I am supposed to be. Right? Anyways, I am sure it will be a good day as I will be surrounded by family.

On the house note, we have been on an endless search for a home that we love and can afford, this has been a slow process. I have been a bit picky and I am really crazy about the location of the home, but all I want is to be able to walk to shops, dining and of course the post office. :) However, what I have come to realize is that the homes I want in our price range need major work, more than we have time/money for. OR they are thousands of dollars out of our budget, so these two factors have been really drawing out this process. Since it is the largest purchase I will have ever made, I really want it to be in a place that we will love for many years. I do not see this as our last home, I am fairly certain that we will buy a new home in 5 or so years, but I still just want our first home to be fantastic! Since we have been moving all around we still have wedding gifts that have never come out of their boxes, actually most of them! I should tell you that this year we will have been married for 5 years, so to have most of our items still boxed has just reached the point of sad.

I guess that all of this paired with the thirtieth birthday have really been taking a toll on me lately. I am happy with where I am in life. I have a beyond awesome, fantastic, perfect husband, I have a family that cannot be beat, I have a business that is finally starting to be a business and I have two super cute cats. Yet, I cannot help but to think back on all the things I wanted to have done by 30. I wanted to see the world, travel to new places, meet new people, test my limits and simply explore the unknown. I am sad that i have not traveled, barely at all to the places I have on my list, Thailand, Turkey, Africa, India, Honduras, Peru, Jamaica... you name it... I want to go there. I know the choices I have made have led me to where I am. I put my business over everything else and I am hoping (fingers crossed) that before we have kids we will be able to travel to at least a couple of places.

Sorry for the "deep thoughts" I guess turning 30 just brings it out. I need to keep reminding myself that when it all comes down to it truly is just a number. I have been forced to sit back and take a hard look at myself and what I have and have not accomplished in the past 30 years of my existence. *sigh*

So what were/are your goals for turning 30?

The Pink House photo by Beadale Photography, 4 x 6, $1.00
The "Escape Artist" photo above is by Elle Moss, 6 x 9, $30.00


KnockKnocking said...

Your store and blog are an inspiration for me... just think, if you were able to accomplish so much in your first 30, think about what the next will hold?

Abbie said...

I am turning 30 in August and have the same things running through my head. I took a bit of a blog break in March because I couldn't quite seem to get out of the funk I'd gotten myself into. I think everyone has that "list" that you speak about... I certainly do. I'm trying to get over the fact that those things just aren't going to get crossed off in 5 months!

Warrenetta Baker said...

Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life. This is a quote by Burton Hills and I firmly believe in it. Yours is a nice blog.


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