21 May 2009

[ a b s e n t e e ]

Sultan Sea, by Bethany Salvon, Narikos Nest

[Oops!] Lately I have been a bad social networker... I have been absent from twitter, no blogs from me, facebook getting little of my attention, and every site involved with social/business chit chat has been off my radar. Funny thing is I did not even realize it until today... guess the break was needed! It has felt pretty nice but I am ready to get back in & tweet my way to the top :)

So, although we have not been online, we have been coming up with some,
dare I say stellar ideas for our etsy shop, our blog AND our new website!

We are HOPING [and dreaming] to have the redesigned and redefined Earmark website completed in the next week and a half! After 1.5 years the site might actually go live... i can hardly believe it! We hope you will stick around to see the grand opening, we would LOVE to have you! Sign up for our newsletter and we will send you a coupon once the online shop opens for 20% off first order!

We promise to be back soon with updates as well as
the 1st of our
new & exciting weekly contests!
More details coming soon.

If you would like to supply an item of yours to be won by a lucky earmark follower than
send us a comment with a link to the item and we will get back to you. Thanks.

No Leash, by Bethany Salvon, Narikos Nest

Happy Thursday Everyone
(except to those where it is Wednesday or Friday of course)
Where ever you are lucky enough to be we hope you have an awesome day!


cabin + cub said...

can't wait to see the new site!

I have nominated your blog for an Honest Scrap Award! ;)

Here are the details:

meena meena said...

oh i love this! so sweet. look at his lil tail!


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