30 May 2009

[ t o p i a r y | s a t u r d a y ]

The past couple of weeks I have been gathering items, creating recipes, assembling invitations among creating other pretty little things for my moms surprise birthday party. I have been truly loving it, sometimes it feels so great to get away from the computer screen and get your hands dirty. I spent some time getting some lovely moss and greens from the yard to see what I could come up with. Nothing screams inexpensive more than free moss! ;)
The party theme is gardens and flowers with a vintage style, very botanical and hopefully very visually charming.

Today I created a couple of different topiaries that I will be using on the moss covered tapas table.
Today topiaries, tomorrow terrariums!

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome day!


picciolo said...

wow these look amazing! I love the butterflies and your topiary, and they look like you have paid a fortune for them!
: )

beth said...

These look amazing bridge! remember to keep spritzing them with water so they don't dry out. you should sell these, they are so cute.


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