22 February 2010

what's in the cart?

week { 3 }

I T E M { o n e }

Mylo Print
by Melissa Moss

a lovely view into a beautiful forest. $25.00

I T E M { t w o }

Continuum Combination Camisole Set
by Under the Root

Isn't this lovely? Sweet. Sassy. Sexy. Perfect for the evening! $80.00

I T E M { t h r e e }

Gone Loopy Wreath
by NH Woods Creations

Yes, yes this is one of the most unique and beautiful wreaths I have ever seen.
My door would be honoured to hold this lovely! $35.00

I T E M { f o u r }

Lime Silk Pillow Cover with Vintage Lace
by Emma Dear

Gorgeous Color, fabric and overall design.
Such a beautiful pillow cover for my living room! $25.00

Total in cart: $165.00 + shipping

stay tuned for next weeks hot list!


Ladybird said...

That wreath is absolutely beautiful. Great finds, I'm following you now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for featuring my "Gone Loopy Wreath"! I found you by accident, great blog! Allison, NHWoodscreations.


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