08 April 2011

Anything Is Possible by Narikos Nest on Etsy

50% off
the entire shop of Nariko's Nest!

Bethany, fine art travel photographer and Randy, travel writer extraordinaire are the driving forces behind Nariko's Nest and Beers and Beans. Together they are a powerhouse of awesomeness! They travel the globe in search of beautiful places and amazing people. Luckily, they blog about it all too! Check out their super fun and informative travel blog, beers and beans. Phenomenal photos, wonderful stories, humor and you just might learn a thing or two about travel and the wonderful world we live in!

Stop by their shop today and be prepared to be whisked away
to a shop full of beauty, intrigue and adventure...

For the month of April, ALL items in the shop are 50% off!!
Just use the code "Big50sale" upon checkout and save!

Tell me your mom, grandma, friend would not swoon over some of these stunning photos?! Any of these pieces would make for exceptional and unique gifts for newlyweds and graduates! Going to a house warming party? Bring a beautiful photograph to surprise the new home owner!

I own this photo above and it is absolutely a show stopper! It gets your attention, captivates you and won't let go! I have sat staring into this photo for hours. In person you can see so many amazing details. From people on bikes, others getting out of a taxis, into the windows of french strangers... there are so many layers to this gorgeous photograph.

I have not been lucky enough to experience Paris (yet) and these images truly make me feel like I am there. I have seen Parisian photographs out the wazoo and although most are also beautiful, Nariko Nest has a way to truly make you feel like you are experiencing exactly what Bethany was feeling as she was taking each photo and that is truly special.

through her lens, the world is art.

Anything Is Possible by NarikosNest on Etsy

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