09 June 2011

and another week goes by...

Yummy Potato Recipe, found here


Providence, Rhode Island

Hospital time is much slower than normal time...

Mike playing Agricola

Me, taking photos of my wine, while I should be playing Agricola...

Fenway Park, Boston

German Chocolate Cake

Man, Man - Boston


A little bit of Wednesday fun...

Over $600 later we have our car back... (insert sad face here)

Sneak peek at our Love Aquatic ensemble

Mike, busy painting and sculpting his new busts series

Sunny and Chachy relaxing

our rhododendron in full bloom... so pretty...

Baked Brie in a Bread Bowl. Recipe found here, delicious!

Along the Canal, Cape Cod

Pretty Penny

Life has been pretty busy lately and I have been making a conscience effort to photograph and document more of life's little details. Hope you got a nice insight into my week. How is your week going?

So much to do, so little time...



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