25 September 2007

farmer's markets

Another tuesday - prepping again for our daily wednesday night ob farmer's market...

I do love it, I love creating the booth, setting up different displays, coming up with a new idea every week and most importantly I love seeing peoples reactions to our work, something very difficult to do online.

So from 4-8 each Wednesday we set up our 10 x 10 tent and people watch, another perk to the markets, not to mention what will my dinner be tonight? East African popovers, (awesome!) kettle corn or some sort of meat on a stick... so many options, so little time!

I have never been so anxiously awaiting the holidays before, ready for the shows to pick up and get crazy, i want to sell some damn cards asnap! :)

If you all know of any other markets in Southern California let me know, I am constantly on the hunt! I tried La Jolla and Hillcrest and both are full for now :(


*christie* said...

congrats on the new blog. I think your photographs are great. Good luck at the farmer's market.

invita said...

Are you just looking for farmer markets? Because there is two Craft shows that i know of in Southern Cali (since i am here :) ) One is the Felt Club in LA and Craft Revolution in Pomona. Welcome to Cali, or should i say, Southern Cali ;)


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