16 September 2007

Where did the lazy Fall Sundays go...

so this is it, my first blog... i guess i will tell you a bit about myself... my name is Bridgette, I am 28 and have been married for three years now to Michael, we have a cat, Penelope and that is it, no children. We moved to San Diego about two months ago from Massachusetts. We do love the ocean and well, the weather cannot be beat, but it is no Boston and where the hell is fall?! I do miss the leaves and lazy Fall Sundays.

So on we go... I have owned a small custom invitation and stationery company for about 5 years now called Earmark Invitations, it has been on a slow incline, but an incline none the less since the beginning. My husband started working with me about 2 years ago and it has been really wonderful. Most people cringe when they hear that I work with my husband and ask how the hell I do it, but honestly, I could not ask for anything better. We have an awesome time and I cannot complain (too much) about him!

We work out of our home office and love it! Our minds are working faster than we can create these days thus our sister company was born, the one we can really let loose with - E.I. Greetings, our line of stationery, journal, notes and all other things paper besides invitations.

We have just started the Farmer's Market circuit and honesstly, I am getting a bit bummed out, not much profit, granted there is little profit, so i keep going back, just sadly not enough... this is for later discussion.

I am a travel nut, i live and love to travel and sadly have not been able to do as much as I would like. We did have a great 2.5 week cross country trip and it was a blast, we took my younger sister and went all over America, it was really just what i needed to see that the USA does have some open land and some complete beauty!

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tara said...

Hello! I recently bought two banners from you via Etsy, and cannot wait to see them in person. Finding this blog is a wonderful discovery, as it is a charming insight to the talent behind Earmark. You have a fabulous aesthetic and sense of wit, and I truly consider myself a fan. Cheers!


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