10 April 2008

EARMARK'S going to SONOMA for a much needed getaway!! yahoo!

THURSDAY: Mike and I are headed north for my birthday and I am so excited! First stop Hollywood! For a quick Hollywood/Beverly Hills Drive through tour... why not? Then off to Solvang for a dutch afternoon treat (streuddel!), next stop Cambria where we will be spending the night!

FRIDAY: leaving Cambria, we are heading out and up to Big Sur, San Francisco and into Oakland to spend the night with my cousin, thank you Sarah :)

SATURDAY: (my 29th birthday!) my sister (Beth) and her boyfriend (Randy) are flying in! Once we pick them up at the airport it is straight to Sonoma for a little (or alot!) of wine tasting :) We are camping, which will be fantastic!

So we will be back Monday and getting right back into the swing of work, but for now - WORK MODE is on HIATUS!! aaaahhhh...

Have a lovely weekend all, hopefully we will too :)

oh, one more thing... our newsletter will be back next Thursday, stay tuned for some adventure!


Lynn said...

Happy early b-day Bridgette! Have a great time in Sonoma.

ThePeachTree said...

Bridgette!!! Happy FREAKING birthday!! Hope you had an amazing time!


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