16 April 2008

Self Portrait on Moonstone Beach

Bridgette and I have a long-standing tradition of taking self-portraits at any place we visit. We have a collection of them, going all the way back to when we first started dating in Brooklyn about ten years ago. From Disney World, all over Europe, to this most recent one at Moonstone Beach in California. At the southern end of the awesome stretch of Highway 1 that leads to Big Sur and Monterey, Moonstone Beach is home to many Harbor Seals that lay out on its shining black rocks.

For this photo I used Photoshop to enhance the colors and create the aged, distressed look. Happy Birthday Bridgette! Thanks for the great weekend!


earmark said...

thanks sweet cheeks! i love it! :)

S.HOPtalk said...

Hi There!

Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of the world and saying hi {and for the lovely comments}. I LOVE your paper goods and etsy shop and most certainly plan on featuring it on S.HOPtalk. I will keep you posted...


Camille; Ponytail Challenge said...

What a cool tradition. If only my self-portraits could look even half as cute! You look like movie stars in the photo- I know that sounds wierd, but really- it looks like the poster shot for a movie!
Also, I LOVE the clock post. I think I have a clock fetish too!

ThePeachTree said...

Awesome shot guys :) Just might have to steal this smooching idea!!


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