18 April 2008

Our Mini Adventure! From San Diego to Sonoma!
Five days can make all the difference in the world! In need of a getaway we packed our bags threw them into the impala and off we went... to see what awaited us along our little journey. There is nothing better than driving through new places, seeing new land, especially wide open land with stunning scenery... It made me realize just how beautiful the US can be, very refreshing and extremely needed! Stopping whenever we wanted, doing anything we pleased, it felt so wonderful to just be out of the house, out of the office and into the world!

Mentally, this trip was phenomenal, I do not think I even realized how burnt out I was getting, but now, oh i feel so much better, yet so sad to not be traveling... it definitely brought back the travel bug (i had managed to quiet this stupid little bug the past couple of months), but now it's back in full force! Re-planning our trip to Thailand is already in the works, argh... now all I need is more money and more time and off we go :)

Anyways, here are a few photos of our "mini adventure"... enjoy! :)

Pacific Ocean

Pinks in LA

Beverly Hills

more photos to come!


ThePeachTree said...

I SO have the travel bug :) We actually just came up with the idea of a road trip up or down the Pacific Coast Highway. Hopefully in September!!

handmade julz said...

you are the 4th person this week that i've heard mention thailand. i guess that's a sign i should visit too? ;) your shot of the ocean is so amazing! i cannot get over the colors.

Jean said...

The travel bug is worse during the summer months!

Veronika said...

I wanted to do a similar thing in England with my best friend but we dont have enough money to go there yet. But travelling around my country would be fun as well,you just need the right people for that. I wish I could just leave...and go...somewhere,where the wind blows me :) It must have been a lovely trip and the pictures look wonderful!



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