02 April 2008


tic toc goes the clock... and my new addiction...
I know what you are thinking, clocks? why in the world would anyone be addicted to a clock? These are for more than a circle with numbers, they are truly masterpieces, just lovely pieces of wall art that actually act as a time piece, wow!

I warn you, if you read on and check out all of these wall clocks you will soon have a new addiction!

As I was browsing etsy last week, I kept spotting these different clocks, so many that it stood out to me (enough to think TREASURY!). After completing the treasury, I realized how truly impressed I was with the variety of style, shape, design, colors and so forth. I found clocks made out of Fireman Hats, I found vintage clocks to new sleek and modern clocks, some had numbers, some blank... i found it all. No matter who you are and what type of clock suits you, you are bound to find it on the lovely etsy!

With so many clocks to choose from (2,575 to be exact) how is one to choose?? Maybe we can help you out! OR maybe you should get them all and create one amazing wall of clock art... this is my new dream, my husband is ecstatic! :) Here are some amazing clocks and the talent behind the creations...

If you are looking for a large custom made steel clock, that is retro and modern and fantastic, look no further! Goodgnus has the clock for you. Created by a welder / metal sculpturist, it is an obvious example of perfect craftsmanship. No two pieces are the same, so if this clocks screams to you, you better run and get it now, where else can you get a custom metal clock for only $149?!

Want a recycled clock with style? Check out the lovely reCYCLEd bike clock by 1 by liz Made by "using a recycled bicycle chain ring and an olive green colored textile sample textured with a vertical bamboo-like design" all this for only $36!

Studio 53 has a clock like no other, their "Bird Call" Clock is striking and fun - great over any mantle! The wall mounted clock has a carved bird, sculpted heart and color photoed wings, for only $90 it is fantastic!

Looking for something a bit more lively and fun, check out Decoylab, they have some awesomely fun clocks, like their "Bouquet - True Orange" wall hanging clock. It is modern and pretty and perfectly priced at $28, I cannot imagine any space that this clock would not make even a little prettier!

Interstate 80 has a Wooden Bingo Clock that is so great, unique and wonderful! "What time is it? It's Bingo Time!" so great!

Perhaps something natural is more your style. Black Eyed Susan has a simple and gorgeous Driftwood "Eye of the beholder" clock, made from... you guessed it! Driftwood! Everything about this clock just looks perfect, a work of art for sure! So art and a clock for only $74, WOW!

I could go on forever with all of the wonderful clocks I have found here on etsy, but my blog is not large enough :)

Not to leave anyone out, please check out our treasury to see all the other beauties!


picciolo said...

wow so many clocks on etsy! Can't decide on a favourite, your treasury is gorgeous!
: )

Lissa said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) OOHHH! All those lovely clocks! Just what I need..another addiction! LOL!

Rachel said...

You have unique and beautiful design! Great work and very creative! :)

Anonymous said...
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twiddlestix said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog! So nice of you! I too have an infatuation with clocks. My hubby groans whenever I look at new ones! It's too bad that there only needs to be just so many clocks in one house. ;) Love your collection here...very cool!


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