28 March 2008

So it's official, we now not only have a blog, a website, an etsy account, we also have a weekly newsletter, "Everyday Earmark"

Once a week your inbox could be popping up with Earmark!
To receive a newsletter please sign up in the box to the right, we would love to have you!
The newsletter includes new items, photos, upcoming sales and events, show schedules plus a weekly create happiness tip!

Don't be left out, get on board the earmark train and sign up today! Choo Choo!
Thank you all for your support, we promise to keep the newsletters as fresh and entertaining as possible.
All our best, always, from the entire Earmark staff of 2 :)

1 comment:

ThePeachTree said...

Yee Haw! Ride em Earmark!!


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