20 May 2008

Road Trip to San Felipe!

On a mini adventure, we packed into the car and off we went... Kate, Kristen, Randy, Beth, Mike and Myself hopped into our vibrant white mini van rental, (mini vans scream adventure, right?) and off we went... First stop, Tecate, walk across the border and check out the Tecate Factory, game plan: get a little drunk at 10 am and head onward to our Final destination, San Felipe, a small Mexican town on the coast of the Beautiful Sea of Cortez. So what really happened... get in the car, head out, park the car on the US side of the Border, then we proceed to walk over to the town of Tecate, now mind you, the weather, blazing, freaking hot in the desert... oh the fun... so walking around town, which personally, i did not mind, we head around, passing through a market and a park and then we see the lovely tecate factory off in the distance, hooray! Everyone is getting a bit more energized so we head on. We finally get there and what do you know... CLOSED... no tecate today, we turn around and head back to our mini adVANture vehicle (like that, tricky word play there) :)

back up the windy streets and hills to the car in the 95° heat, stop and eat some cheap and yummy ice cream for a refresher.

For the next five hours there is desert, a lot of desert, which I loved, it is so beautiful and refreshing to drive through vast emptiness. Lots of car games, pictures and so forth. Laugh all you want about the mini van, but it was the perfect vehicle for 7 people, we had room and air and all were grateful to be in our our giant tooth of a car.

OK... going to sleep now, more to come tomorrow...


mushroommeadows said...

That's one awesome cactus! :)

ThePeachTree said...

you guys are the coolest! I love this cactus, I shall call him Edwardo.

Beth said...

nice Shot Bridge!


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