09 June 2008

sometimes my mind just cannot think BLOG... this is one of those times... I just cannot seem to decide what I want to blog about. I have been boycotting all of my blogging and newsletter duties for a couple of weeks now... argh... do you ever start to feel guilty about NOT blogging?? I hate that! Two years ago, I was like what the "h-e-double-hockey-sticks" is a blog and now, well now I am a blogger, sort of, probably as much of a blogger as I will ever be, so I need to start blogging, right? But when that sun is shining I just want to get outside, that and when I can get away from this machine I DO!

I've got the summer, no blog blues... :)

So, today I am going to blog about... hmmmm... see, still nothing - maybe I will just put up a couple of pictures, as pictures speak louder than words... some photos from this weekends Farmer's Markets...

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Sara Czukal said...

Thanks for the compliment! I love your shop!


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