09 February 2010

what's in the cart?

A new series featuring items from Earmark's Etsy Shopping Cart!

I T E M # N U M B E R {1}

the whole world in your hand
by madebynanna.etsy.com

I just think this bag is so dreamy... i love it... ($35)

I T E M # N U M B E R {2}

owl on bowler hat on canvas
by utilitarianfranchise.etsy.com

I am not sure what it is, but i have fallen head over heels for this piece... ($30)

I T E M # N U M B E R {3}

ninja hand-cut paper silhouette
by papercutsbyjoe.etsy.com

Such a fun piece of art! He will totally sneak up on guests!

1 comment:

allison cecil said...

well of course I love the ninja!


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