07 June 2010

A Lovely Sunday

The threat of rain lingered in the air all day, spouts of drizzle here and there but the storm never visited us! Which was fine by me, although, part of me was looking forward to a nice summer storm while sitting on the porch...
Penny in the window

The cats were lax as usual, greatly enjoying the afternoon breezes.
I wish I could fit in the window, looks like such a nice place to sit and sleep.

Toofers on the couch

So after a leisurely morning we decided to embark on the task at hand... BUILDING! On Saturday, we bought some wood to make our first official furniture piece! We desperately needed a patio table and my budget was not allowing me to get the table I wanted, so after hours of searching online I came across this amazing website! KNOCK-OFFWOOD.COM has to be one of the BEST websites I have ever come across. I truly have no idea how I have never stumbled onto it before, but thank goodness I did!

So on this site I came across a superb plan in the beginner section (hooray!) for a wonderful patio table inspired by the Outdoor Wood Slat table from West Elm ($400),
The Simple Outdoor Dining Table.

We bought the wood on Saturday, inexpensive, pressure treated wood, all for under $50. It took about an hour and a half to measure and cut down all the pieces we needed to start our project. We decided to stop there and keep the building part for Sunday...

So as soon as Sunday came, we were ready to build! We set up our workspace in the dining room on our table since we needed a large level spot to create the frame.

Project Start time: 11:30 AM

Step 1:
Start by making frame for the table, frame built in less than an hour! Woohoo!

Step 2: attach top pieces to the frame. Once the frame was ready and supports were attached, it was time to lay down the 17 slats for the top of the table. Mike made a handy dandy 1/2" spacer using cardboard, making sure that the slats were all evenly spaced. Just over an hour, top slats were attached!

Step 3: LEGS! Since this is our patio table, we thought it would be smart to do the final touches outside where the table was going to go. We brought the completed top outside and set out on the final building! We attached our 4 legs with ease in under 30 minutes. Flipped it over and VOILA the table was built!

Step 4: To make it look as good as possible, we went through and sanded all rough spots, cleaned the table and filled with holes, uneven areas with wood filler. We let it dry and sanded it down a little more.

Step 5: Prep for staining! Staining will happen this week, so stay tuned!

Project End Time: 4:30 PM

We ate our first meal on the table on Sunday and it was so sweet! Amazing that just yesterday this was lumber in a store and today it is a table we built with our own hands. Hopefully we will have it for many years to come! Next up, the matching benches!

Do yourself a favor and stop into knock-offwood.com and just peruse through the hundreds of amazing furniture plans! We already have a list of items we need to make. Office furniture and a kitchen island will be in the works very soon!

Enjoy your lovely week!

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Melissa said...

Love your new table. Ya'll did a great job on it :)


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