19 March 2008

Product Review: Fiskars Craft Knife

As a person who does a lot of production and assembly, I spend a good chunk of every day cutting things, mostly paper. And I do it old school: with an X-Acto and a ruler. You might say, "With all that cutting, why don't you use a rotary trimmer?" Well I've tried a number of different rotary trimmers, and I found them all to be flimsy with inaccurate measurements and expensive blades that dull too fast for the price.

So the other day at Michael's I saw the Fiskars Finger Control Craft Knife. Instead of a standard pen-like handle, this one features a unique ring that fits around your index finger. I found that this method of holding the blade was a lot more comfortable for my wrist, which would often get sore after a lot of cutting.

I was bothered at first by the hard plastic used for the ring, which has a gap of about 1/2" at the top. It pressed into my finger as I cut and left indentations in my skin. But I discovered that the key is to press down firmly with the tip of the index finger, and this relieved the pressure at the top of the ring.

The Fiskars Finger Control Craft Knife holds standard #11 blades, and I don't know if it was my imagination but I swear that the blades stay sharp longer in this thing than they did on my other knives. It also holds the blade in place quite snugly.

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Nodin's Nest said...

I was just thinking about a new cutter, I will look into this!


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