25 June 2008

and YOU could be the lucky winner!

All you have to do is send us your best idea for a greeting card... it can be funny, sad, holiday related, everyday greeting, risque, inappropriate, angry, happy... anything... if you think you have the best idea for our newest card we will not only name the card after you, but send you a free ten pack! WOW! What Fun!

Send your submission to bsb@earmarkinvitations.com
we are looking forward to viewing your idea!

If you need some inspiration stop by our shop!

We will be taking submissions until July 23rd. After that we will go through them all and choose the best. We will let the winner know the good news soon after that.


Rascallion said...

Great contest! I'll have to think on this for a few.....
Your Paypal Shop widget looks great too BTW.

rita said...

this contest sounds a lot like getting other people to give you their ideas free of charge.

clever clever.


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